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Thank you for making Southwest Fox 2005 another successful conference!

  Ken Levy:

* Conference Keynote Address
* Conference Session TBA

  Calvin Hsia:

* Conference Keynote Address
* Conference Session TBA

  Milind Lele:

* Conference Keynote Address
* Integrating Visual FoxPro data sources with Visual Studio 2005

  Craig Boyd:

* Conference Keynote Address
* VFP Painting 101: GDI+ Techniques and Examples
* VFP Cryptology 101: Encryption, Decryption, and Hash Functions

  Andy Kramek:

* Accessing Remote Databases
* Buffering Demystified
* Big VFP9 Things COme in Small Packages
Pre-Conference Workshop
* Designing and Implementing a Data Access Layer in Visual FoxPro

  Craig Berntson:

* What's New in SQL Server 2005
* Coder to Developer
Pre-Conference Workshop
* Using Windows Component Services (COM+)

  Bill Fields:

Pre-Conference Workshop
* VSS/VFP IDE Integration and What's New in Visual SourceSafe 2005 for the VFP Developer


Marcia Akins:

* Event Handling in VFP
* Modeling Hierarchies
* Techniques for getting more out of grids

  Steve Black:

* FoxPro is dead! Now what do I say? The Business case for developing a new application using FoxPro
* Application Metadata

  Rick Borup:

* Integrating RSS with Visual FoxPro Applications
* Roll Your Own Windows Installer Setups


Toni Feltman:

* Common Sense Database Design
* Building N-Tier Applications with Visual FoxPro


Cathi Gero:

* How to Build ASP.NET Web-based UI for VFP Applications
* How to Work With Data in .NET - Introduction to ADO.NET For VFP Developers


Tamar Granor:

* Customizing the Property Sheet
* Creating Helpful User Interfaces


Doug Hennig:

* Extending VFP with VFP
* Cool Uses for ReportListeners


Barbara Peisch:

* Integrating XFRX into your VFP applications
* Using the XFRX Preview Container


Cathy Pountney:

* Advanced Reporting
* Hidden Secrets of the VFP IDE

  Rick Schummer:

* Using and Extending VFP's Data Explorer
* Creating Help - Made Easy!

  David Stevenson:

* Subclassing CursorAdapter for Flexible Data Access
* Ten Practical Uses for the XMLAdapter

  Rick Strahl:

* Using Internet Explorer in your FoxPro Applications
* Accessing and sharing data with .NET Web Services

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