Southwest Fox 2016
Southwest Xbase++ 2016

September 22-25, 2016
SanTan Elegante Conference Center
Gilbert, AZ

Geek Gatherings LLC is putting on two conferences simultaneously this September in Phoenix. Attendees may attend sessions of both conferences for the price of one! The two conferences will be held in the same conference center and will share meals and exhibitor space. Geek Gatherings LLC is a partnership of Rick Schummer, Doug Hennig, and Tamar Granor.

Registration for Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ 2016 is now available.

Southwest Fox

The thirteenth annual Southwest Fox Conference presents the latest in Microsoft Visual FoxPro development techniques and interoperability with other technologies. This highly acclaimed and popular conference is the perfect venue for VFP developers interested in learning more about VFP, further refining their software development skills, and learning what options are available for moving forward.

Southwest Fox is recognized around the world as a leading source of information and resource sharing in the Fox Community. This is not only a place to learn new techniques, Southwest Fox is a great place to network with fellow developers.

Southwest Xbase++

The fifth annual Southwest Xbase++ Conference presents the latest techniques, concepts and forward-looking information about the Xbase++ platform from Alaska Software. There are four days of sessions, workshops, and networking events for developers, software architects, engineers and designers. This top-class event is the perfect venue for:

  • Xbase++ developers who want to leverage the full potential of the Xbase++ platform
  • Visual FoxPro developers interested in learning how to modernize existing Visual FoxPro solutions with Xbase++
  • Clipper developers who want to see how easy it is to migrate existing applications to Windows and Web

Meet the people behind Xbase++, get your questions answered, and become more productive. Of course, Southwest Xbase++ follows the tradition of Xbase++ developer conferences, so meeting your peers, finding new business opportunities, and having fun are included for free.

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