Southwest Fox 2006
October 19 - 22, 2006
Fiesta Inn Resort
Tempe, AZ 85282-1192
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Thanks to everyone for making Southwest Fox 2006 the best yet!

  Guest Speaker TBA

* Conference Keynote Address
* Conference Session TBA

  Craig Boyd:

* Conference Keynote Address
* VFP World Domination
* Building .NET ActiveX Controls for VFP

  Doug Hennig:

* Conference Keynote Address
* Installing Applications Using InnoSetup
* Adding IntelliSense to Your Applications

  Rick Schummer:

* Conference Keynote Address
* Fishing with a ProjectHook
* Professional Developer's Toolkit

  Marcia Akins:
* Using MS ActiveX Controls in VFP

Pre-Conference Workshop

* Putting Microsoft Office To Work For You
  Mike Feltman:
* Were do you want to go today?
* VFP and AJAX
Pre-Conference Workshop
* Web 101 for VFP Developers
  Andy Kramek:
* Metadata to the Max
* Advanced SQL Queries with VFP 9.0
Pre-Conference Workshop
* Practical Intro to SQL Server for VFP Developers
  Kevin McNeish:
Pre-Conference Workshop
* .NET for VFP Developers
  Bill Anderson:
* Using Software Design Patterns
  Jim Booth:
* Working Wonders With Data Design
* XML/XSLT, MS XML DOM and VFP to build web pages
  Craig Berntson:
* Designing with UML
* Agile Software Development
  Rick Borup:
* Automating The Build
* RSS: Catch The Wave
  Bo Durban:
* Creating custom report controls and customizing the report designer
* Using GDI+ with VFP
  Toni Feltman:
* Using Version Control with Visual FoxPro
* Using InfoPath as the Face of your VFP Application
  Nancy Folsom:
* Refactoring à la Carte
* From Procedure Toward Component
  Tamar Granor:
* Solving Common Problems with VFP's SQL
* Using the VFP Debugger Effectively

Ken Levy:

* Windows Live Platform for Developers

  Rod Paddock:

* Understanding The .NET Framework
  Cathy Pountney:
* Project Management
* Quality Assurance - Testing Your Application
  Christof Wollenhaupt:
* The Security Cookbook
* Crashing VFP and Preventing Crashes

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