Mark McCasland
  Mark McCasland has been an application Developer since 1986 at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and for his own computer consulting business since 1990. He is a regular speaker at the Dallas/Fort Worth FoxPro User Group meetings and has presented at the Great Lakes Great Databases Workshop in 2001 and the Austin FoxPro Users Group. Mark’s development experience followed the dBase III/FoxBase/FPD/FPW path to VFP with some Clipper thrown in just to make it interesting. He is also well versed in the design and development of Oracle databases. In addition to Mark’s full time work at EPA, he and his wife have their own Computer Consulting/Custom Software Development business. Mark is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and has Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications for Desktop Applications in Visual FoxPro.
  Neutralize Your Data Source with Cursor Adapters

In this session, you will learn how to effectively use VFP 8’s new Cursor Adapter object without regard to the database you are using. We will discuss database design tips, tricks and gotchas that you need to consider in order to use Cursor Adapters with VFP, Oracle and SQL Server databases and not have to worry about code changes to switch between them. Then we will look at how to develop Cursor Adapter classes to interchangeably connect to these three databases by changing only a few properties.
  VFP 9 Potpourri for $1000, Alex

Let’s have Jeopardy-style fun in this session where we will cover new features, enhancements, behavior changes and anything else new to VFP 9. The only catch is the audience will pick from a randomly selected set of items straight from the What’s New Help topic and VFP 9 Release notes. Someone will pick a category and “$” amount from the board [projected laptop screen actually] to get the “answer” followed by the “question” and a brief demo. While we won’t actually be awarding any prize money, those who do provide correct “questions” will get a prize.