Mike Helland
  Mike is the lead developer at ARS Solutions in Sauk Rapids, MN which sells inventory management and point-of-sale software to retailers of all types.
On top of developing, selling, and supporting the product for thousands of users the company has been able to extend the capabilities of the software using Internet technologies such as XML and ASP.NET, and Mike has been the force that keeps the company up to date with these technologies.

He has been programming since the release of VFP3 and enjoys interacting with the great online community of users of the product. He has been a Microsoft MVP for his online volunteering, user group presentations, and published technical articles.

In addition to being a software developer he is a professional musician and amateur scientist and philosopher.
  Exceptions session information:

When working with object oriented software systems in Visual FoxPro, handling errors and exceptions in the most complete and most encapsulated way has always been a headache, but if it wasn't done properly the result was a headache for your users and support personnel. With structured exception handling, introduced in VFP 8.0, you can solve all your error handling strategies in a clean and straight forward manner. In this session you'll not only learn how how exceptions work, but why you want to implement them and how to get the most out of them, leaving your code more focused on the task at hand and not error handling.
  Events session information:

Events session information:
You wouldn't think that two commands would completely change the way you approach designing object oriented software systems. But that's what
RaiseEvent() and BindEvent() do, the two functions that make up something called native event binding in Visual FoxPro 8.0 and later. Native event binding allows you to easily write loosely coupled function calls that translate to extremely flexible and extremely encapsulated components in your systems. This session will teach you how to write event based components with practical design techniques and tips.