Cathy Pountney
  Cathy Pountney is a Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP and has been developing software for 22 years, thirteen of which were as an independent consultant specializing in FoxPro. In 2001 she had the privilege of spending six months as a contractor onsite in Redmond with the Microsoft Fox Team. Currently she works for Optimal Solutions developing VFP applications for schools. Cathy has spoken at many FoxPro conferences and user groups across the U.S., written articles for various magazines, and her book, The Visual FoxPro Report Writer: Pushing it to the Limit and Beyond, is available from Hentzenwerke Publishing. You can contact Cathy at , view her website at , and view Optimal's website at
  What's New in the VFP Report Writer

The next version of VFP has some long-awaited changes to the Report Writer. In this session, you'll see many of the new reporting features and enhancements of Visual FoxPro 9.0, including the new UI, multiple-detail bands, data environments, protection, and much more. With so much that is new in VFP 9, this session continues in Part 2.
  The VFP 9.0 Report Writer in Action

The VFP 9 Report Writer has so many new things that it takes two sessions to present them all. Continuing where Part 1 leaves off, you'll examine the extensibility features in more detail. You'll explore real-world examples of what you can do with all the new reporting features in Visual FoxPro 9.0. You'll learn how to create XML, HTML, and TIFF output. You'll also learn how to dynamically change font colors, rotate text, change the font size, force pagination when you want it, create x-up forms, and how to print bar charts. This session is loaded with information on how to push the extensibility beyond the limits.