Barbara Peisch
  Barbara Peisch is an independent developer specializing in creating database applications with Visual FoxPro for the desktop and the web. She was the technical editor for “WebRAD: Building Database Web Sites with Visual FoxPro and Web Connection”. Barbara spoke at the 2002 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop, has written numerous articles for FoxTalk and CoDe Magazine, and is a Microsoft MVP.
  Client Relationships 101

Regardless of how much programming experience you have, going independent is a whole new world. The first step is creating a standard contract (usually called a “Consulting Agreement”) that’s fair to both you and your future clients. This session will cover essential elements of a good contract, plus some negotiation strategies. We’ll also cover the pros and cons of charging by time and materials versus fixed price, as well as what makes a good design specification. Finally, we’ll get into how to establish and maintain a good working relationship, as well as when and how to terminate a relationship that’s gone sour.
  Setting Up a Windows Web Server

Setting up your first Windows web server may be a challenge due to the many layers of software that need to work together. In this session, we’ll discuss configuration of IIS for HTML and FTP. (This session will NOT cover SMTP, POP3 or any aspect of Exchange Server.) Included will be examples of how to configure a domain name, and how to setup host headers to accommodate multiple domain names under the same IP address. We’ll also cover some basic security precautions.

This session assumes that attendees already know what a domain name is, and how to register a custom domain name.