Art Bergquist
  Art has been developing software since 1984; he holds a B.S. in Computer Science with an emphasis in Management Information Systems. Art has written applications in every version of the Fox from FoxPro for DOS 2.0 and is currently developing in Visual FoxPro 8 and 9. He has authored articles and tips in FoxTalk and FoxPro Advisor magazines (and has also tech-edited articles for FoxPro Advisor magazine) and has been a presenter at the FoxPro Developers Network of San Diego (where he serves on the board as Vice-President), the Orange County (CA) FoxPro Developers Group and EssentialFox 2002 (Kansas City). In addition, he has conducted Visual FoxPro training classes. He develops custom applications at Vision Data Solutions, Inc. (VDSI) in VFP 8 and 9 employing the powerful Visual MaxFrame Professional (VMP) application framework. He has enhanced and written developer tools for VMP and frequently leads VMP training including the MaxStart workshop..
  Best Practices for the VFP developer

All sorts of tips and tricks I've gleaned over the years to simplify and generally facilitate VFP development.
  Tricks are for Grids

Three-part discussion in which I will demonstrate the following tricks with grids:

     a) DynamicControlSource
     b) DynamicToolTipText
     c) Grid with Date Checking